Export Forms - How to Complete

Step 1:  Download three (3) forms:  1) Compliance Certificate  2) Record of Assessment by description 
            3) Pedigree Certificate

Export Forms - (contact:  office@merinos.com.au or tel: 0417 561 983 to obtain correct forms)

Compliance Certificate 

Record of assessment by description

Pedigree Ram Certificate

Pedigree Ewe Certificate

(Taras Statements - These are available from AASMB national office if required)

Step 2:  Complete all forms ensuring you do not miss off any information.  Ensure there are no corrected

             mistakes on these forms.  

            NB:  - No Liquid Paper to be used on any of these documents and do not cross out mistakes
                      please start again with a new document to ensure documents are not rejected by Customs. 

                   - Do not leave until the last minute, forms can take 3-4 weeks to finalise

Step 3:  Sign the Pedigree Certificate and the Record of Assessment by Description.

Step 4:  Include a note with the forms with the name and contact details of who you want to receive all the
            forms once they have been certified eg Exporter or AI/Quarantine Centre.

Step 5:  Post the forms to the State Registrar of your state Stud Merino office.  

            It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to process most of the export documents going to places
            such as Argentina because the forms are required to have the original signature of each signatory
            the form.   The Record of Assessment by Description has 3 signatures, therefore 3 times in the post.

Step 6:  The State Registrar will check the forms and sign off.  If any issues they will get in touch with you.

Step 7:  The State Registrar sends the forms to the national AASMB office for certification and a Taras

Step 8:  The national AASMB office will check and certify the documents and send to the requested location/Exporter/AI

Export Forms - Administration Fees

NB:  Administrative fees apply for the certification of Export documentation as follows:

  • $55 per Ram or Semen Sire, Ewe or Donar Ewe for Embryos(fees include GST)

An invoice will be raised by AASMB and fees are usually charged to the Vendor.