Stud Merino Breeders Association of Tasmania

tasmania1Tasmanian stud Merino Breeders will be out in force again at the next 177th state sheep show at Campbell Town on May 29-30 this year. The quality of sheep is again expected to be excellent. The inaugural ‘all purpose’ Australian Merino competition will also be offered at the show.

A two week participant exchange between New Zealand and Tasmania to benefit younger Merino breeders is sponsored by Roberts Ltd. In November 2014, Henric Nicholas represented the Stud Merino Breeders of Tasmania in NZ touring studs and attending the Christchurch Show.

Whilst the fortunes in marketing Tasmania continue to raise visions of fresh, clean, green and unspoilt, the superior qualities of soft ultra and superfine fleece are also close to mind. However when it comes to wool production, Tasmanian producers are able to provide a high degree of choice in sheep and wool types.

From an historical perspective, Tasmania’s first formal Merino promotion commenced in 1947 and by 1986 the Stud Merino Breeders Association of Tasmania (SMBAT) was formed and joined the national body with 23 registered studs. Today in 2015, the number of registered stud members is 38.

SMBAT Objectives

The Stud Merino Breeders Association of Tasmania (SMBAT) promotes and encourages the breeding, sales and improvement of pure Merino and Poll Merino sheep, preserving our heritage and breeding history whilst endeavoring to be innovative and encourage further involvement in our industry. We endeavor to keep abreast and be proactive on national and international issues that affect our Industry and keep our membership informed.

Our aim is to provide members with technical support in research and development, recognizing that as an Island State we are in a unique environment to become leaders of wool and meat production. We feel it is imperative to promote and assist hands on learning and knowledge for our youth and to provide exchange programs and encourage event participation for youth and all members.

SMBAT Office: 1976 Tunnack Rd, Baden 7120 Ph: 03 6254 7198 E:


Upcoming Events in Tasmania

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