2019-21 Wool Classer Re-Registration is now open

AWEX has commenced the re-registration of Wool Classers for the 2019-21 triennium.

Wool Classers with e-mail addresses will have received an Invitation to Renew.

This invitation will include a User Name and Password with a clickable link which will take the recipient to the Renewal web page via WoolClip.

Approximately 10-14 days later Invitation Forms will be posted to those without email addresses, and to those yet to renew online via the previously mentioned e-mail invitation.

A number of enhancements have been introduced for this registration period:

  • An e-mail invitation has been sent to those with email addresses,
  • A new registration site has been built within WoolClip that is also mobile compatible,
  • A 5% discount on registration is provided to those registering online,
  • A tracking number and link will be emailed to wool classers (with e-mail addresses) once the kit is consigned,
  • An ID card will be included for AW and MC wool classers,
  • The stencil and stamp will have an expiry year (21), and
  • The kit will be packed in a portable plastic storage wallet suitable for carrying around or using in the wool shed.

If you, or any of your clients, have any questions please contact the Registration Support line on 02 9428 6160.