Australian Merinos in Argentina

Australian Stud Merino Breeders’ President, Mr Philip Toland, recently returned from judging Merinos at Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina and a visit to Uruguay where it is hoped the next World Merino Conference may be held in 2018.


Mr Toland said that the sheep being judged in Argentina are very similar to our Australian Merinos due to the large amount of Australian Merino genetics being used in Argentina. “The quality is comparable at the top end of their genetics. Argentinian stud breeders continue to regularly visit Australian Merino events and import our genetics to improve their flocks.”

“Promotion of the Australian Merino nationally and internationally highlights the versatility and profitability of Merino enterprises. In April and May 2014 the AASMB headed a most successful delegation of over 80 participants to the 9th World Merino Conference in South Africa, which included both stud and commercial breeders of Merinos,” Mr Toland said.

The deregulation of the Merino export rules in 2010 has provided an increased export outlet to many countries, in particular New Zealand, China, South Africa, Argentina and Uruguay.


Grand Championship Ram won by Manantiales Merino Stud at the Rural Society Exposition, Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, 2015.
From left, Carlos Epper, secretary Argentina Merino Association; Australian President, Philip Toland, with the manager and family of the Manantiales Stud.