National Merino Ambassador: Felicity Brumpton

National Merino Ambassadors is an initiative put together by the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders (AASMB) bringing together a pool of passionate young people in the Merino Industry who have generously volunteered to contribute their time and skills by helping promote the Merino.

Felicity is a fourth generation Merino breeder who has grown up amongst stud and commercial sheep. After completing an Animal Science degree, she is now part of the family business which runs a mixed farming enterprise of Merinos, cattle, goats and cropping in south-western Queensland. Felicity is also a co-principal of Jolly Jumbuck Merino Stud with her two brothers, where they are all involved in breeding, classing, showing and the marketing the sheep.

Felicity’s hard work, skills and interest in the Merino have provided many opportunities.

“I have been fortunate enough to attend many shows and events, travel to China on the AWI young woolgrowers tour and receive scholarships and training, all of which have exposed the wider industry to me and strengthened my passion for Merinos.”

Felicity’s says the Merino out performs all other livestock for their business:

“Merinos have proved to be the most profitable and sustainable enterprise that our business runs. Their dual-purpose ability has outperformed other breeds and species, particularly in tough years as they provide a guaranteed income through wool sales, whilst also being an asset through their meat value. We are proud as a business to produce a niche, sustainable natural fibre that has many environmental and health benefits.”