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Elders and the Merino Industry

Since 1839, Elders has been an integral part of Australia’s rural business landscape, supporting clients across a range of agricultural sectors. Merino sheep and wool have been an integral part of Elders, spanning across the Company’s 180 plus years. The Elders network, together with both stud and commercial clients, have been instrumental in the evolution of the Merino breed and development of key domestic and international markets throughout the world.

The merino industry has been key to the success and growth of Elders through the progression of preparation, production and sale of merino sheep and wool. Elders is committed to supporting the merino industry and our clients to develop new techniques, implement innovation and build relationships. It is important to recognise and address the issues surrounding the declining number of ewes within the Australian merino industry and the AASMB’s campaign could not come at a better time. Backing the Breed More Merino Ewes campaign to strengthen the industry is Elders’ commitment to our clients and the sheep and wool industry of Australia.

Elders can help you breed more merino ewes, contact your local Elders Branch to find out how. 

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