Merino Studs

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Benefits Of Registering Your Stud

  • Your stud is listed in the national register of Australian Merino flocks
  • Share and increase your knowledge of breeding and the Industry
  • Adds value to your stud
  • Improves the price of surplus sheep and genetics
  • Participate in local, state, national and international events (shows, sales, conferences, webinars, social activities)
  • Receive Merino annuals and newsletters
  • Internationally recognised pedigree certification available for exported sheep and genetics
  • Opportunities to actively participate in supporting and advocating for the Industry

How to Register

Contact your state Stud Merino Association - click the relevant link below:

To provide a general overview of what is required nationally for a flock to be eligible to be registered:

  • If registering a Merino stud you will need at least one ram or semen from a registered Australian Merino flock
  • If registering a Poll Merino Stud you will need at least one ram or semen from a registered Australian Poll Merino flock
  • There is a minimum number of ewes required from registered Australian Merino/Poll Merino Flocks (The number is set by each state)
  • Complete and submit an Application which includes Vendor & Purchaser certificates (which are proof of purchase of registered sheep) and any other documents as advised by the relevant State Stud Merino Association.
  • All applications are to be approved at both a state and national level for inclusion into The Australian Stud Merino Flock Register (Flock Book)