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The Australian Merino is an ‘all purpose’ sheep – it is the ultimate wool producer, competes well on the meat front and is a high-value mother for prime lambs. Its ability to adapt, thrive and grow in areas and in seasons where other sheep may fail is testament to its resilience and versatility.

There are many industry stakeholders who have a common interest in the continued success of the Australian Merino industry. As a result, the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders Limited (AASMB) launched a campaign in 2016, Breed More Merino Ewes.

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Breed More Merino Ewes focuses on three key elements – Merinos producing the ‘best natural fibre’, ‘great tasting meat’ and as being the ‘most profitable breed’. It is a campaign based on communicating the breed’s true profitability and performance. It highlights the outstanding financial returns – in terms of dollars per dry sheep equivalent or per hectare – that Merino producers are achieving through careful flock management and best practice business planning.

It partners with sponsors and supporters across Australia who recognise that producers need to breed more Merino ewes to ensure there is a critical mass of the meat and wool supply that is integral to their organisations.

With demand for quality wool and great tasting meat at an all-time high, the campaign will spread the message of the importance of Merinos to the whole supply chain as well as the higher financial returns generated by the dual-purpose breed for producers.

The campaign's ultimate aim is to encourage producers to increase their Merino ewe base as an integral part of the Australian sheep industry. Increasing the ewe base will ensure that businesses with an interest in the sheep and wool industry can continue to grow and prosper.

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