Sire Evaluation

Central Test Sire Evaluation: In the early 1980s, a proposal to establish central test sire evaluation (CTSE) was established with a national program for Merino rams involved in State sire evaluation. In 2000, the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA) was formed to manage the oversight and policy for all sire evaluation trials throughout Australia. This group with a national committee made up of representatives from the various state trials has been a successful initiative in using both visual and objective measurement. Estimated breeding values are calculated by Sheep Genetics MerinoSelect and AMSEA plays a vital role in the industry in validating sire performance results. Results of Merino sires from across Australia are reported in Merino Superior Sires, and information is available on the MSS website at

Contact AMSEA:
Mr. Ben Swain, Executive Officer
“Gartmore” Gunnedah NSW 2380
Tel: 02 6743 2306, Fax: 02 6743 2307, M: 0427 100 542