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Merinos provide multiple income streams for producers including: wool - world's best natural fibre; prime lamb; merino lamb; mutton; base for first cross ewes; excess stock; genetics and more.

Flexible, sustainable and adaptable, Merinos can be a great hedging tool in an unpredictable environment.  In addition to providing income for producers,  Merinos are a real Triple Bottom Line contributor for businesses, the community and the environment.  Learn more on how Merinos have contributed to the success of producers via the information and case studies on the following page: Merino Success-Stories

The Breed More Merinos campaign is the first national campaign of its type in the Merino Industry, targeting the whole supply chain, from producers to consumers, to ensure there is a critical mass of meat and wool supply that is integral to the industry and the livelihood of many communities.

The campaign is supported by the following organisations, who are experts in their field and are able to provide you with assistance to help your business make more money from Merinos.

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Merino success stories - Case studies from successful Merino enterprises and Merino performance information