The Queensland State Sheep Show is held each year and travels throughout the Queensland regions to offer local input and variety at each event.

QLD Ram of the year Mt Ascot


The Queensland Merino Stud Sheepbreeders’ Association (QMSSA) inaugural meeting was held on 7th August during the 1934 Exhibition with Robert P Lord of Victoria Downs, Morven, elected president presiding over a committee of 36 foundation members.

More than 80 years later, in 2015 there are 32 registered studs - 19 Merino and 13 Poll Merino flocks - in Queensland.

Merino sheep have played a huge part in providing employment in the bush and keeping our smaller towns alive. Since the collapse of the Reserve Price Scheme, exodus from the Industry and the increase in wild dog numbers have seen a lot of small to medium towns in the bush suffer. So therefore the resurrection of the wool industry is paramount to the health and wealth of the bush. RP Lord, the first president of the QMSSA, suggested that at formal functions after the Royal toast the next toast should be to the Merino. Such was the regard and importance he felt this animal had to the nation. Whether we get back to this position or not is beyond those people who breed and develop the Merino- the Studmasters- it is up to those who do product development and marketing. All through the toughest period in modern times the Studmasters have continued to evolve and develop the Merino to keep it current and profitable. People struggle to do this with man made items so to do it with an animal is extraordinary feat. The modern Merino is positioned better than ever to take advantage of opportunities in the market place from a meat and wool perspective.