Glossary of Terms/Definitions compiled from sheep industry documents that relate to wool or sheep:

Term/Acronym  Descripton
µm Symbol used for micron (micrometre) used in describing the fineness of a fleece sample
AASMB Organisation – Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders
Accuracy A measure of the closeness of a test result to the true value. The difference between accuracy and precision should be noted. See also bias, precision, confidence limits.
Across-breed Comparison of sheep across different breeds within a breed group
Across-flock Comparison of sheep across different flocks within a breed group
AGBU Organisation – Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit
Age Stages A definition of stages of animal in age groupings used to calculated estimated breedering values (ebvs) eg. Birth, weaning, yearling, adult
AI Artificial insemination (of semen to achieve a pregnancy)
Airflow A method of measuring the mean fibre diameter of a sample of wool in which a test specimen (a measured mass of the scoured, dried and carded sample), after exposure to a conditioning atmosphere, is compressed to a fixed volume and a current of air is passed through it. The rate of flow is then adjusted so that the pressure drop across the sample equals a predetermined value. The rate of flow is an idnicator of the mean fibre diameter of the wool in the sample. The instrument is calibrated to international standard wool tops of known fineness.
AMSEA Organisation – Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association
AS Australian Superfine – Fleece typing terminology
ASBV Australian Sheep Breeding Values – genetic breeding value produced by Sheep Genetics for a given analysis across-flock
ASID Australian sheep identification system – unique 16 digit ID made up from Breed Code (2 digits), Flock Code (4 digits), Year date (4 digits), Individual id (6 digits).
ATLAS Automatic Tester of Length and Strength – a computer controlled instrument with measures the staple length, staple strength and position of break of individual samples.
AWEX Organisation – Australian Wool Exchange
AWI Organisation – Australian Wool Innovation
AWTA Organisation – Australian Wool Testing Authority

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