Wether Trials

Wether trials should be looked upon as a commercial trial between clients of studs. The aim is to prove the commercial worth of a bloodline, not the breeding system within a stud. They are designed to assist commercial breeders to compare their productivity against that of other flocks. Wether trials remove most of the effects of management and environment, leaving a better comparison of the genetic merit of the sheep. Trial results and additional information can be obtained from www.merinobloodlines.com.au

Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge (PWMC)

An independent wether trial of 1500 sheep from 50 teams from commercial merino producers commenced in 2014 and will run over a 2 year period. The preliminary first results from shearing and meat measurement in March 2015 have just been released.

The Peter Westblade Scholarship has been developed in conjunction with the Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge (PWMMC) which has been developed to assist Merino breeding operations make more informed decisions on their Merino genetics. The PWMMC has been deliberately designed to show the entrants in the Challenge and the wider sheep industry the genetic opportunities that exist for them to be more financially sustainable into the future.
For more information visit peterwestbladescholarship.com.au

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