World Federation of Merino Breeders

The Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders is proud to be a member of the World Federation of Merino Breeders and provides significant support for this international organisation.

The World Federation of Merino Breeders website can be accessed here.  

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News article: Australian Delegation to the 10th World Merino Conference

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ACCESS and read the speaker presentations from the 10th World Merino Conference 2018 held in Uruguay in April 2018: 

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Contact for the World Federation of Merino Breeders:

President World Federation of Merino Breeders: Mr Will Roberts

Carol-Ann Malouf
Executive Officer/PR Manager
World Federation of Merino Breeders
PO Box 320
Condobolin NSW 2877
Ph: + 61 + 2 6895 2274
Mob: + 61 428 681 099

Will Roberts, President of the World Federation of Merino Breeders

willrobertsThe World Federation of Merino Breeders (WFMB) is a co-operative group of like minded people who share information in the desire to continue to improve the Merino breed. We see from the types of Merinos bred in the different countries and environments that each of the countries that are members of the WFMB have their own challenges, but all are striving to breed the most profitable animal for their environment.

The WFMB has an important role to play in assisting not only its member countries but I see it as a very important role of the WFMB in assisting countries who are not members to upgrade their genetics and management and in the longer term they may see the value in being members of the World Federation.

The World Conferences are a wonderful opportunity for the host country to showcase its industry and we are very grateful to the Uruguayan Organising Committee, Uruguayan Stud Merino Breeders and the Argentinian Stud Merino Breeders for the wonderful displays we saw of Stud and Commercial sheep and the insightful insights we got into the challenges they face not only commercially but environmentally. The hospitality we received was absolutely outstanding.

The Australian Merino Industry is a wonderful supporter of the World Conferences and this year there was approximately 100 stud and commercial breeders touring South America.

A great initiative of Tom Ashby’s has seen the WFMB meet every second year and the Merino Insight Conference held in Adelaide in 2016 was a further opportunity for the Member Countries to get together. Hopefully this is something we can continue to do.